After a week of cool temperatures (there was a fire burning in the wood stove to chase away the dampness) finally today there was some sunshine, some cloud and some wind. I am hoping the wind will chase those clouds away and bring only sunshine from this day hence. "Ha", says Environment Canada.
At least with the sunshine comes field strawberries, which have just started to peak here in the mid-island area. Strawberries don't last long in my house. Case in point, 4 pints purchased late Wednesday afternoon was a poor attempt to have strawberry shortcake. Poor attempt since they never made it to the shortcake stage. Darn those pesky kids! So there were only some stragglers left to have with vanilla ice cream for an evening treat.

Today I broke the bank and purchased several flats. Now I have fresh berries in the fridge and bags in the freezer. Hopefully tomorrow I will be able to have that strawberry shortcake with fresh whipped cream.

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