Summer means outdoor cooking. I try to make use of the barbeque as much as I can simply because I would rather spend my time outdoors instead of inside a hot kitchen. Lucky for me my love of cooking on the barbeque comes naturally.

At my home, my dad took over cooking the main dish as soon as the weather was warm enough, which meant he was barbequeing from June to the end of September. Mind you, my idea of cooking outdoors means I can read a book or putter in the garden while food is cooking, whereas my father's concept of outdoor cooking allowed him to sit on a lawn chair, beer in hand, and watch a CFL game on the portable TV. Or golf for that matter! Still he was, and still is, an awesome cook!

Yesterday it was a warm 35C. By all accounts, a perfect day to make dinner on the barbeque. And aside from having to let the potatoes simmer in a pot of boiling water for 10 minutes, our dinner was basically cooked outdoors on the natural gas grill.

Grilled Potato Caesar Salad

Couscous Salad (no barbequing required)

Fresh Red Snapper (sprinkled with a little of this)

(Thistle is a precocious 18mth old with amazing blue eyes)

Cleanup was a breeze. You gotta love summer!!!

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